What is Molvid

Molvid is a revolution in writing. After 8000 years of human writing history, texts have finally jumped out of their one-dimensional reality. Texts in Molvid are now multi-version and, even more, they have gone beyond collaborative writing and are now social.

One to an unlimited number of authors can write one single text by adding different versions at any point of the story, or by continuing any existing version, whereas other users can read in any direction they like and even evaluate and discuss different versions. Learn more...

Writing contest - "What if?"

Imagine that you were offered to have your consciousness transferred into another body, in another time. Any year in the past, into any historical person. Make your own choice and try to win weekly prizes currently valued at $54.00 and continuously increasing. All you need is a Facebook account to become part of the coolest ever writing contest. Learn more... - Go to Story

Who can use it?

  • Authors to make their works social, to efficiently promote them, to involve their publishers, editors, friends and anybody else in the creation process.
  • Publishers and other literary organizations to organize writing contests, promotions and much more.
  • Schools, colleges and other educational organizations, to organize collaborative writing activities, challenging experiments and more.
  • Fanfiction fans and followers would definitely find Molvid an ideal place for their activities.
  • Anybody else, alone or in a group, to write funny stories, joint letters, organization charts, event plans or anything – the only limit is the imagination.